6. we are thankful for...

...what we affectionately refer to around these parts as "Chewy Bluey."

As teething's cruel timing has left you (and us) to endure four top teeth breaking through all at once, we wondered what we could do to ease your misery. The crying, the fitful waking, the tugging on your ears, the hesitance to eat--it all led to one conclusion: Orajel. Until you decided you were not a fan, and would clamp your lips shut any time a finger came near your mouth. I, the innovator that I am, squeezed some Orajel on your infant finger tooth brush (now a.k.a.-ed as Chewy Bluey) and you opened wide. I think the pressure felt good on your gums, and the Orajel sufficiently numbed you back to your agreeable self. You now can be spotted gnawing on your C.B. (we actually had to buy a second one because we keep losing track) like a dog toy, but my motto (and I think this one may be around for the duration of your childhood):

whatever works.

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