5. we are thankful...

...that overall, you are a reasonably courteous baby when it comes to outings in public and interactions with others.

I am not someone who thought that I would have a baby and nothing in my life would change except the presence of a baby. I know that there are certain things I can no longer do. Well actually, I can do them, but to do so would irritate and inconvenience others. These things include: anything leisurely, long chatty meals in restaurants, quickly running in and out of anywhere, going to the movies, etc.

You have actually been pretty good when we do take you out somewhere to eat, though it has become a practice that immediately upon receiving my food, I begin eating whatever is messiest, because I know you will be squirming in my arms the second half of the meal. It is not a luxury we have had to give up entirely--with some planning, it can be enjoyable. I do not want to be one of those parents whose awful children ruin the experience of those around them.

My parents raised me to have good table manners and we would have been promptly escorted out if we displayed anything but. We were consistently complimented on our etiquette, and I expect the same from you, sir.

For now, we will forgive the occasional sampling of fruit sans utensils (please see below).

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