100 posts and happy new year!

Happy 2011!
We've had a great 2010,
but our adventure has just begun!



The stats from your 9 month appointment:

24 lbs, 5 oz.
29.5" tall
48 cm (?) head circumference

Over 85th percentile in everything! Dr. Robbins said you are developing just perfectly and are very intelligent!


nine months old.

Dear Oliver Fox,

Today you are nine months old, which means you have existed on the planet for the same amount of time that you existed in my belly. [Well, actually, given how late you were, I could more realistically say the same thing next month!]

This month you did so many new things! You had your first Thanksgiving and your first Christmas, you just started waving yesterday, you scoot all over the place, you go from sitting to your belly to crawl, you know exactly what you want [the remote, cell phones, dog food, soda cans-see below] and set off to go get it, and you tried some new foods [puffs, bananas, bread].

You love music--listening to it, and dancing to it, toys that play it, and you have a sweet little high pitched voice that sounds like you are trying to sing! You are so smart and figure things out very quickly--almost TOO quickly! I try to hide something so you don't get into it, and before I can pat myself on the back, you are usually on your way to retrieve it. You still love Russell and any and everything he does. You smile and laugh when we show you pictures of people, and you like to watch fast-paced sports on TV with Daddy.

You are starting to get separation and stranger anxiety, but I think that is just a stage. It is nice to feel like number one in your life for now. I'm sure it won't be long before you are yelling for me to leave you alone! The worst is that all day long you will say "Dada" this and "dada" that, and you only say "Mama" when you are crying! It's always the saddest, most pitiful little wail--would it kill you to give me a shoutout when you're in a good mood?

I do love you, little hamster. You are the very best thing I have ever done and I look forward to every day I get to spend with you.
Love, your Mama


the loot!

Olly would like to say THANK YOU!
He made out like a bandit!
It was a very Merry first Christmas for this little boy!

Merry Christmas!


christmas eve!

Olly just loves the stocking his Great-Grandma made for him. He just stares at it and smiles. And of course, when it comes to presents, he is like any other kid: he goes right for the gold! He hasn't actually opened anything yet, and I am excited to see how into it he is.

Also, uncle Alex came up to Cleveland to see us for Christmas. Olly wasn't quite sure what to make of him at first. He screamed bloody murder when Alex first came in. I blame it on the fact that other than my dad, no one taller than 5'11" (and that is being extremely generous, Tom!) has been in the house in quite awhile. Olly warmed up to him by the end of the evening, and I think we will be all smiles tomorrow morning--for all the toys, if nothing else.
Merry Christmas everyone!


christmas is coming...

...so it is time for more Christmas pics! Olly & Russy outtake
[I knew it was too much to hope for!]

and the sweet advent my grandma [and Olly's great-grandma]
gave us. I think it looks perfect on his door!
Today is Christmas Eve Eve Eve!



For as cute as you are, you do some pretty disgusting things.

As I mentioned, you are prone to pooping while in your excersaucer. This can lead to a change of clothes and a bath.

What I was not prepared for was when you pooped in the tub.

May the record indicate this was not something I was prepared for.

I will just stop talking about it, and try to focus on sweeter, cuter, cleaner things.

Like this photo of us:


christmas preview.

outtakes from your Christmas photos.

let me out!

This is what I was talking about when I said you've been big on your tongue again: sticking it out all the time, licking when we give you a kiss, blowing raspberries, and letting us know when you are done with your playpen.


short december.

Pumpkin Pie,

There is a song from, maybe, 15 years ago called "Long December," but I am going to tell you, this has been a fast December! It is almost half over, you are about to have your first Christmas, and I already have your NINE month well baby visit scheduled!

Daddy and I have bought all your gifts, and the grandmas and grandpa have been sending tons of goodies your way. We still have to find time to see Santa so you can tell him what you want. You are so easy going and open to strangers that I don't think we're going to get the obligatory screaming-on-Santa's-lap photo.

You are starting to express new emotions, which is just so precious. You think it is funny to try to tickle Daddy back, and I scared the willies out of you the other day with my new slippers. (I think you thought they were a stuffed animal, so when they suddenly moved, you were filled with fear!)

You are also doing all kinds of awful things with your sleep schedule. I don't know if you are trying to phase yourself out of two naps, or what, but a few days this week, you have taken one longer nap instead of two smaller ones. Other days, you have stayed up until almost 10, while other nights still, you go to bed at 7.

I'm really pushing the rice cereal these days. You are eating it once a day in the morning. You are a very messy eater and love to squish the food off the spoon, so I have taken to feeding you in the bathtub so I can wash you off right after. I want you eating more solids as you approach your first birthday, as otherwise, we will both be a mess when I inevitably go back to work.

You still seem to poop only when I put you in your excersaucer. What is up with that? Sometimes I think, maybe you are just a morning pooper, and I will keep you out of it all morning. You wake up from your nap, I set you in the saucer, and you let it fly! We go through a lot of laundry around here, to say the least.

I no longer have any sense of what clothes will fit you any more. You are just getting to be such a big boy! The other day, you wore a little zip up sweater and a pair of pants that I figured you would wear when you were walking around. You are very long and I can't wait to see your measurement's at your doctor's visit.

You are back to sticking your tongue out all the time, and you like dancing with me to Christmas music, and love any kind of whistling. I guess your nine month review will be somewhat abbreviated, but it has been a while since I recorded what you've been up to, and it's been going so fast, so I have to make sure not to forget!

We love you, little big man, and the person you are becoming!
Love, Mama and Daddy


commercial crush

I was going to make December themed, like November was, with "gifts" of wisdom I thought you should have, and I probably still will, because I have plenty to share, but I also wanted to record, for posterity, a video that you love very much. This commercial has captured your heart, and every time you hear the beginning of the theme song, you drop what you are doing, shove any obstructions out of the way (even if it is my big old head) and watch in a trance.


not so fast!

My dear little boy, you have got to slow down or you are going to break your poor mother's heart! It seems like literally every day now you are doing something you have never done before! These things include:

pulling up to a stand!

having a temper tantrum!
turning overhead lights on and off!

singing in a fancy high-pitched voice!

taking bites of whole fruits!

Wait, what? Don't believe me? Here's proof:

You are such a clever boy, and I can't wait to see what your quick-study-ness is going to do for you as you grow up. Just don't make too much progress too quickly, promise?