nine months old.

Dear Oliver Fox,

Today you are nine months old, which means you have existed on the planet for the same amount of time that you existed in my belly. [Well, actually, given how late you were, I could more realistically say the same thing next month!]

This month you did so many new things! You had your first Thanksgiving and your first Christmas, you just started waving yesterday, you scoot all over the place, you go from sitting to your belly to crawl, you know exactly what you want [the remote, cell phones, dog food, soda cans-see below] and set off to go get it, and you tried some new foods [puffs, bananas, bread].

You love music--listening to it, and dancing to it, toys that play it, and you have a sweet little high pitched voice that sounds like you are trying to sing! You are so smart and figure things out very quickly--almost TOO quickly! I try to hide something so you don't get into it, and before I can pat myself on the back, you are usually on your way to retrieve it. You still love Russell and any and everything he does. You smile and laugh when we show you pictures of people, and you like to watch fast-paced sports on TV with Daddy.

You are starting to get separation and stranger anxiety, but I think that is just a stage. It is nice to feel like number one in your life for now. I'm sure it won't be long before you are yelling for me to leave you alone! The worst is that all day long you will say "Dada" this and "dada" that, and you only say "Mama" when you are crying! It's always the saddest, most pitiful little wail--would it kill you to give me a shoutout when you're in a good mood?

I do love you, little hamster. You are the very best thing I have ever done and I look forward to every day I get to spend with you.
Love, your Mama

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