for grandpa

it's very true.

just because...

he is cute and slightly bug-eyed.
9:10 am


some family photos

pre-doctor photo shoot
2:24 pm

shots: the aftermath

the only remedy:
baby tylenol [store brand, of course]
lots of cuddling and singing [on my part]
screeching and whining [olly's part]

well baby, 4 months.

oliver weighed in at 15 lbs, 14 oz
and grew 2 inches to be 26 inches tall.
his head is in the measly 42%.
he has the go-ahead to eat cereal,
drink water,
and got a prescription for vitamins.

she also told us
to expect A TOOTH!!!
within the next 4-6 weeks.

and now some cute pictures BEFORE his shots
[the doctor calls them "pinchies"]
after which he had a meltdown:


four months.

dear little pumpkin, mister oliver,

how are you four months old?
one third of one year?
this is unacceptable!
you are growing up too fast!

you are turning into the:
most curious,
least patient,
and friendly
little boy.
(it is weird; where did my little baby go?)

you have big time interest in:
babbling and singing,
grabbing handfuls of mine & daddy's faces,
our straws & spoons,
grabbing handfuls of russell,
having a towel blanket with you at all times,
putting everything in your mouth,
grabbing your feet,
drinking gallons of milk,
taking a bath,
listening to music.

you have little to no interest in:
being strapped in your car seat,
being stopped at a stop light,
being away from home for too long,
cooperating during the changing of clothes.

you still don't roll over regularly,
but are getting much better at holding up
that big noggin of yours.
your hand eye coordination is pretty good
when it comes to grabbing things,
but needs some work
when it comes to putting stuff in your mouth.

you are turning out better
than we ever could have asked for
and every day we wonder
what awesome new
and adorable
thing you will do today!

we love you,
love, mama & daddy

p.s. you go see dr. robbins tomorrow so we will post your height/weight then.
judging from my biceps, i'm going to say you've grown considerably
since your last visit.


shark boy.

even though he really loves
bath time,
he really hates when it ends.



one of my mom's sweet co-workers sent her over
with a gift card to babies-r-us,
which we promptly took
and exchanged for this bumbo seat
i (i mean, olly)
have been wanting.

he was a little confused at first,
but now he sits proudly,
like a king of the castle.

it will be good to have a pair
of hands again,
instead of one hand and a babyholder!

thanks amelia!



have we talked about this?

this is the back of my child's head.
is this a mullet or what?



olly will reach out and pat
my face,
or my arm,
or my hair,
and i will get all misty
about how gentle and tender
and loving
he is being,
and how he must really love me,

and then, all of a sudden,
he will try to jam
my whole hand,
or nose,
or wad of hair
in his mouth,
with all of his baby-strength.

death grip.

fair polish boy.

well yesterday we went
to the lakewood streetwalk,
which is just where all the local businesses
set up booths
and give away samples
and people do karate demos.

all told, we were out in the sun
maybe three hours.

needless to say,
olly has my pale genes.

even he is surprised.


should i be censoring these?

wonder where he gets it.

as i've mentioned,
olly is an in-bed-with-us sleeper,
most of the time.

we've been able to get him at least on a sleep
(though nothing else)
where he goes down between 9 and 10,
sleeps til around 6 or 7,
and sleeps another hour or so.

i usually get up,
pick up around the house,
treadmill it up,
and let those boys sleep a little more.

the other morning,
i walked in to find this:

bad blogger.

hey all,
i know i have been pretty awful
about posting regularly on here this month,
but that is just because
as olly becomes more active,
i can't just prop him somewhere
and dash out a quick post.
alternately, he is being such a
that addressing the matter at hand
and documenting it are not simultaneously possible.

he just has the best personality,
and we are loving being able to do more
and more active stuff with him.

so for the three of you including my mom,
that have been wondering what we've been up to,
now you know.