four months.

dear little pumpkin, mister oliver,

how are you four months old?
one third of one year?
this is unacceptable!
you are growing up too fast!

you are turning into the:
most curious,
least patient,
and friendly
little boy.
(it is weird; where did my little baby go?)

you have big time interest in:
babbling and singing,
grabbing handfuls of mine & daddy's faces,
our straws & spoons,
grabbing handfuls of russell,
having a towel blanket with you at all times,
putting everything in your mouth,
grabbing your feet,
drinking gallons of milk,
taking a bath,
listening to music.

you have little to no interest in:
being strapped in your car seat,
being stopped at a stop light,
being away from home for too long,
cooperating during the changing of clothes.

you still don't roll over regularly,
but are getting much better at holding up
that big noggin of yours.
your hand eye coordination is pretty good
when it comes to grabbing things,
but needs some work
when it comes to putting stuff in your mouth.

you are turning out better
than we ever could have asked for
and every day we wonder
what awesome new
and adorable
thing you will do today!

we love you,
love, mama & daddy

p.s. you go see dr. robbins tomorrow so we will post your height/weight then.
judging from my biceps, i'm going to say you've grown considerably
since your last visit.

1 comment:

  1. You look so happy :)
    Which makes me happy :)

    Atta girl, mama.

    - Ash