time capsule.

september 19, 2009

dear baby,

so much has happened since i last wrote. first of all, you are about 15 weeks and getting bigger all the time. you are starting to show a little bit inside my belly. my clothes are getting tighter and my stomach is poking out a little. i'm excited to have a big pregnant belly.

second, i finally told my parents and brother about you. everyone is so excited! i was a little bit nervous to tell them, only because you were such a surprise and i knew i would catch everyone off guard. alex was so excited! he calls me all the time to ask how you and i are doing and if we know if you are a boy or a girl. (everyone is really excited to find out about this so we can start planning your room and your name and buying you stuff!) my parents are getting used to the idea of being grandparents, but they are happy and are getting excited. they are moving to hilton head, south carolina at the end of the month and alex moved to west virginia, so i think more than anything, everyone is just bummed they are going to be living away from you.

everyone who finds out about you asks how i've been feeling. i haven't been throwing up at all, not once, but i am tired. all the time. growing a baby is hard and exhausting work! i literally come home from work, get into pajamas, eat dinner, and fall asleep by 10 pm.

i also cry all the time. for example, this morning around 6 am, i was eating a bowl of cereal (i'm also hungry all the time) and russell jumped up and knocked the bowl of milk all over the place. normally, i'd just yell at him, but today i was sobbing. your dad woke up and was very confused.

it will be all worth it though. i'm so excited to be a mom and to meet you and teach you all kinds of things. there are so many things i want for you and things i want to be able to provide for you. i love you very much already, just about 6 more months until we can hold you!

<3 <3 <3 your mom

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