cutting teeth.

Dear Olly Fox-Fussy,

On Saturday morning, you woke up with a tooth that you did not have on Friday night. Predictably, you had been rosy and drool-y for the week leading up to this big event, but as you recall, the pediatrician had prepared us for the tooth's arrival for the past two months. You have been a sad little sweetheart these past few days, sleeping for hours at a stretch and burying your head in my shoulder and rubbing your eyes with exasperation. You have not been biting anything inappropriate, much to my relief, if you know what I'm saying. Just your hands and toys and handfuls of tee shirts.

It is kind of like life with you, to be honest. There was the life that your daddy and I had before you, and then March 26 arrived, and then there was no looking back, full steam ahead, new adventures await. As you grow older, you are picking up speed with these milestones and everything we thought we had figured out goes flying out the window. We love every new place these changes bring us, and we very nearly forget the way things were before each new development. That is why I have to write everything down, Olly. Time is literally flying!

There is an expression that people use, "to cut one's teeth on something." It means to get your first experience of something, or to learn the basic skills of something. Believe me when I say that we've all been cutting some teeth around here, you literally, of course, but your daddy and I figuratively. But I read something cool. Even though we say you are cutting teeth, your body actually releases special chemicals in your gums that allow the cells to separate. Your body just knows what to do and your daddy and I can only hope for the same.

Babies are wonderful, amazing things, and you are no exception.

Your Mama

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