my favorite little monkey.

mondays in cleveland are free zoo days.

it was a beautiful day,
so we packed up and headed out.

[we've been trying to get olly out of the house for little trips,
more for the grown-ups to have a change of scenery,
than for him to actually enjoy.]

there were koalas with tiny babies,

and spider monkeys,
[which were my favorite when i was little]

and giant gorillas.

olly could have cared less about the whole thing.

[look at how bored he looks!]

i can't wait for stuff like this when he is old enough to know what is going on!

does every parent think they are going to:
do the MOST educational activities,
and make the MOST nutritious food,
and monitor ALL television programs,
and teach their child to read around the age of two?

because that is how ambitious i feel now!

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