around the six week mark, olly and i started to hit our stride.
we figured out each other's schedules and likes/dislikes.
then finances dictated that i look into going back to work.
tom would be staying at home with oliver, which had me a little concerned,
only because i had been hogging the baby the past month,
and tom is a great dad, but he is not his mama.

things can quickly go from this:

and this:

to this:

we don't actually have to confront this problem.

as i have lost my job.

i literally cried one single tear, due to the poor timing of it all,
but in many ways feel relieved.
so for now,
i am celebrating being a stay-at-home mom,
who is lucky to receive a generous severance,
as well as unemployment,
while i contemplate my next move,
and continue to strive to make the best life
for my baby,
and myself,
and my family.

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