one. year. old.

Mr. Oliver Fox, We made it! All of us survived your very first birthday. It was great--your grandma and great-grandma were here (travel plans foiled your Uncle Alex & grandpa coming in) and we had a low key little party over at our new house. You literally opened presents intermittently all day long. You got quite the bounty, if I may say so. You tried a little cupcake, and then shuddered, and then launched it, so maybe you don't have such a sweet tooth after all? This month has seen you be braver and braver. You are positively going to walk any day now. If you are standing up and we call you to come over from a short distance away, you think about taking a step before you plop down and crawl over. You crawl at the speed of the wind nowadays! You have figured out how to climb down off the bed and sofa. Anything is a jungle gym to you and you hate sitting still. Still an everyday struggle with diaper changing time, and you love running around naked. You've been doing great in the high chair, but not so much progress when it comes to your crib. We're working on it (or are we? :) ). You've been trying new foods, and we've had some hits and some misses. You are still a huge fan of your HappyBaby food, and if all else fails, I know I can always get you to eat that. You had a pretty nasty reaction to eggs earlier this month, as well as some richer foods, and certain dairy. (For example, the milkshake you are sampling here with Daddy wasn't nearly as fun coming up as it was going down.) Here's hoping it was a fluke. You do really like Greek yogurt (we couldn't get it on the spoon fast enough) and Cheerios. You know which packages your biscuits and crackers are in, and if I leave them in the diaper bag, sometimes you and Russell help yourselves to a little feast.
I can't wait to get your measurements at this week's doctor's appointment. You are definitely a big boy now, and I think they are going to be thrilled with your development. You seem to connect Dada with Daddy, and you know what no means, but don't always care. You are very observant and mimic what we do, to the point where I worry that our baby-proofing is going to have a very short shelf life. You like board books, but your favorite toys are what you are not supposed to have: remotes, cell phones, any electronics with lights. You love music and playing with the ever-patient Russell. You know where other people's noses are and can wag your finger No no no. You like to say "Dis" and "Dat," which I assume is this and that, since we always ask you "What is that?" or "Look at this!"

I guess this is the sappy wrap-up. I know I didn't keep up with documenting all the fun stuff we did this month (like go to your first Cavs game, for instance) but with moving, and your birthday preparations and chasing you everywhere and being busy around the house, time just slippe away from me. That's kind of how this whole year felt--just where did it go? I can't believe one year ago today, we were still in the hospital with you! I can't believe you weren't even 24 hours old! I can't believe you still had that long cone head! And dark brown hair! And couldn't do anything on your own! Now you want to do EVERYTHING on your own! Oh, Olly, we love you so so much. You are literally the best thing that has ever happened to my life. You give me a reason to push forward, and improve myself, and be a role model. You are a great little person and my love for you has made me understand so many other things.

I cannot wait for all the rest of the fun and adventures we will have as a family, and look forward to discovering things with you.

Happy birthday, sweet boy.

Love, mama.

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