eleven months.

Dear Mr. Oliver,

As of yesterday, you are eleven months old. Next month at this time, you will be one. (I'm hyperventilating a little over here.) I struggle to figure out where the last year has gone. You are getting so big and so brave and so much like a little boy instead of a baby that I can hardly stand it.

Yesterday we went to drop some things off at the new house and you crawled all around like a regular boy (on all fours instead of the crab crawl). You have been standing up on your own lately, if even just for a few seconds, and walking all over the place while holding onto furniture. You clap and dance and wave your fists when music is playing, or a commercial is on, or when we sing. You have taken to screaming when you don't get your way, whether we have taken something away from you, or you are having trouble getting something, or even if Daddy and I hug! You are very protective of your Mama!

You are getting so much hair! It is definitely coming in curly in the back and you have a funny Conan O'Brien swoop in the front. Who knows how tall you are or how much you weigh until we go to the doctor next month, but you are in 12-18 month clothes, holy cow! You are still in size 4 diapers, but you sure do hate having your diaper changed.

You are eating more like a big boy, too. You eat some grown-up food like scrambled eggs and bread and fruits, but have also started getting more accustomed to baby food too. You seem to like this brand, HappyBaby, which you can drink right out of the pouch without too much of a mess. You have gotten strong enough to escape the Bumbo, so we are going to start up with the high chair again at the new house.

Speaking of changes once we get to the new house: you are going to start sleeping in your crib once we move. I am dreading dreading dreading this, because I know we are going to have some rough nights, and also because I will miss cuddling with you! But if we don't make the switch now, you are going to be a 14 year old weirdo sleeping in our bed. I think that you will probably get the hang of it quicker than I will. You are smart and resilient. Plus, I think you will like having a room all to yourself.

That's about it, big man. You are learning new things every day and getting bigger and cuter and smarter. I can't believe you have been with us for almost a year, and what a year it has been! You are the reason that I get up every day and the reason I push myself to do better for us.

I love you times a million, Your Mama.

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