whatever and ever.

Things have been pretty busy around these parts, and I'm still in a posting funk, but I do have some photos to share from the past week or so.

Above is from Olly's grandma and great-grandma visit. From the picture, it seems really action-packed, but truthfully, it was low-key and freezing. It was nice because my grandma hadn't seen him since the summer. Just a few things have changed since then. :)
Tom's Nana got Olly this hat. I like that it has strings on it so we can tie it to his head.

He is getting so stinking big and when he wears outfits with pants and shoes and everything, he looks even bigger!

So much bigger, that he goes grocery shopping on his own. Just kidding. I am actually crouched down, holding him up. We crack ourselves up, I tell you.

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