10 months!

Dear Fancy Fox,
Ten months! You are the cleverest, sweetest, cutest, smartest little creature I have ever seen/met/had a hand in creating. You are such a big boy and you are doing and figuring out new things every single day.
You are shy to strangers (and even to non-strangers we haven't seen in awhile) and only want to say "dada," which is maddening! You recognize patterns (like when the door opens, someone will come in the house) and people (usually greeted by a loud shriek of "DADA!"). You crawl everywhere, or rather, drag yourself everywhere (you still haven't figured out how to put it all together quite yet). You love to clap, and will dance to yourself whenever you hear music. You want to do everything by yourself, and will remove my hands if they are in the way. You are pulling up on everything, and figure out every hiding spot for the remote within seconds. I swear, you are going to be a super-genius.
You are huge--still in size 4 diapers, but wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes! Daddy may get his basketball player yet. Your hair is getting so thick and Daddy and I laugh at the old pictures of your mullet and your nearly-bald baby head. I think it is going to be curly!
You are doing better with eating, now that you have discovered puffs, which you eat by the greedy handful, and HappyBaby baby food, which you can drink like a juicebox. You still prefer milk from mama, and I have a feeling you are going to be unhappy with me when we make the switch over in the next few months.
We love you so much, and it is so cool watching you experience things for the first time, and figure things out for yourself. You are turning into such a big boy and we pray that you will grow into a great man.
We love you, Olly.
Love, Mama & Daddy.

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