eight months!

[and happy first Thanksgiving!]

[and also, we are thankful for YOU!]

Dear Mr. Fantastic Fox,

It is hard for me to wrap my head around eight months. It is decidedly almost one year old. You are getting so big and doing so many cool things these days and figuring things out on your own that it just overwhelms me some days.

As a for instance, yesterday, you crawled for the first time. You army crawled your way towards a TV cable, which I promptly snatched out of your hand, but you totally did it none the less! I could tell it was going to happen soon, because you kept going from a seated position to your belly with some regularity to get at things that I knew forward motion was inevitable. You will stand up on your own while holding onto things (hands or railings or tables) and you LOVE to jump and bounce. You laugh hysterically the whole time and if we quit bouncing you, you try to do it on your own by bending your knees. TOO CUTE!

You are still in a size 4 diaper and 9-12 months clothes. You still have 6 teeth and a major obsession with Russell. You still like to peek for things you want to sneak a peek at, and your blond hair is getting pretty thick these days. You still primarily breastfeed and so what, who cares? You sleep from 8:30pm or so until 8am or so and take two naps: one at 10am and one around 4pm.

One big change is that we have discovered the alternate use for the pack & play--not the bassinette that we previously used it as, but the PLAY PEN! It is so much more peace of mind than leaving you sitting up on a blanket [because sometimes you still bonk, and actually busted your lip on the floor a few weeks ago] and you are less confined than in your saucer. What an invention!

We had a nice, low key Thanksgiving and the number one thing we were thankful for, of course, was you! We are very excited for Christmas with you and already have our tree up, which is a real record for me, because I am a procrastinator!

We love you very much and enjoy every second of watching you become a big boy!


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