seven months!

Dear Oliver Fancy,

Well a few days ago, you officially became a seven month old. I have been telling people this for weeks however, because a) it is easier than saying 31 weeks (which you are--congrats) and b) because people believe me. They often guess that you are much older, due to your height and your "alertness"--a compliment I have yet to interpret. I think you will appreciate this trait much more as you approach your 21st birthday.

You are wearing size 4 diapers and can wear anywhere between 6 and 12 month clothes. With it getting colder around these parts (and with me being a heat Nazi in the house) you have been wearing alot of footy pajamas, which are too stinking cute on you. You still have those bottom two teeth more firmly establishing their territory as well as FOUR (!) top teeth making their way down. We have had a handful of biting incidents, one co-starring your brother and a few featuring mealtime--gulp--but we are handling this teething pretty well overall. Your hair is coming in much thicker, and appears to be my shade of dirty blonde with a faintly detectable ginger cast. (I still have my fingers crossed for you to be a full out redhead, but I will settle for strawberry blonde.)

You are sitting up on your own now, which is awesome, and you love playing with toys in the kitchen while I am cooking dinner. You smile and laugh at everyone and everything and like to peer over at things that pique your interest like cell phones and remotes. Lately, you have taken to not just leaning over for a better look, but throwing yourself at your target. Grandma says Uncle Alex did this too; maybe it is a guy thing. You cluck with your tongue and make raspberry noises all day long--sometimes you wake yourself up doing that! No crawling yet, but that is okay by me. I keep meaning to make note of this, but one of your best attributes as a boy baby is that you aren't real big on peeing on me and your surroundings when I take off your diaper, so thank you. You are your daddy's boy through and through and love watching sports on TV, and especially love it when we push you past the giant wall of big screens in Target, a favorite hangout (see below).

At the end of this month, we will be celebrating our first Halloween together. We bought you a giraffe costume, but Daddy's grandma gave you this pumpkin costume that actually fits you better. Plus, I was a pumpkin for my first Halloween, and you look so stinking cute in it. Daddy took you outside for a fall photo shoot. I am excited for Halloween to be here because it means that the rest of the holidays are on their way, and I cannot wait for your first Christmas!

The truth is, we look forward to everything a little bit more because it means we will get to experience it with you. You make me laugh and make me melt every day and I challenge any one out there to find a cuter baby. I love you very much, pumpkin, and you will be a big boy before I know it.
Your Mama

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