six months!!! (?)

Dear Oliver Fox,

Today, you are one half of one year old. I am overwhelmed by how quickly time moves since you have arrived on the planet. Though we have had our tiny little rough patches, you have been an unbelievable joy to our lives. You have brought so much new perspective to our lives: I may fail myself, but I will not fail you.

You don’t have your six-month appointment until October 7 (I’m a terrible procrastinator—a trait I hope skips a generation) so we won’t know your official stats, but I will say that you are wearing 9 month clothes, are poised to wear size 4 diapers, and I have had to readjust the straps on your car seat twice this month!

Though we started out with the rice cereal last month, we have kind of slowed down on that. Part of that is because you are so touch and go with your enthusiasm for solids, but also because I really like nursing you. Is that selfish? Once we get the go-ahead from your doctor, we will move forward with fruits and veggies, which should be more fun.

You love playing in your excersaucer, bearing weight on your legs, stamping your feet, SCRITCHING (your favorite), slapping your mama while eating, grabbing handfuls of your brother, SCREECHING (my least favorite), and still bath time. You also yell, “dadadada,” “babababa” and “mamama” which makes me cry when you are wailing it and sobbing. I don’t know that you know what it means (or rather, I know you don't know) but we melt! You've started reaching for things like: brother, my cell phone, the remote, drinking straws, and us when you are done with your saucer. Precious!

Can you please always stay this sweet and this in love with us?

I love you, handsome boy. You are my most favorite person on earth!

Love, Mama

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