5 months.

dear oliver fox-fancy,
why do i get so sad thinking that you are already
five months old?
you are such a big boy these days,
wearing up to 9-12 month clothes in some brands!
you are still in size 3 diapers,
which is lucky,
because i still have over half of a giant box of them.
you are a little bit more scheduled these days,
taking two naps, one around 10 and one around 3,
and down for bed around 8 or 9.
we are going to start sleep-training you soon,
so you aren't 12 years old and sleeping in our bed still.
probably within the next month or two,
you will get to try more adventurous foods!
your eyes are still blue,
but your hair is turning a strawberry blonde [yay!]
and your mullet is growing out.
still no teeth.
you like:
drinking water [from a bottle, sippy cup, regular cup, straw]
antagonizing russy ["petting" him, grabbing his face, chewing his ears]
eating [breastmilk, rice cereal, any loose anything not nailed down]
smiling at everyone, then getting very shy,
waking daddy up by slapping him,
having meltdowns to let us know you are getting tired,
playing in your play saucer,
playing with your brutus the buckeye "doll,"
laughing your HEAD OFF.
you don't like:
being covered by blankets,
getting out of the bath tub,
being in one position for too long,
waking up alone.
what a cool person you are turning out to be.
you are getting so expressive and so hysterical
and i am so happy to spend every second with you.
before you,
when i'd read baby blogs,
and moms would say stuff like,
"i cried myself to sleep before his first birthday,"
i thought, "how pathetic."
now i am panicking,
because that is just seven months away.
i love you, my big boy.
you are my favorite person i know.
love, mama

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