two months.

dear mr. oliver fox,

well last month, i asked for more personality and i sure got it. you have gone from the newborn who couldn't be bothered to stay awake during a feeding to a bright eyed, smiling, laughing baby seemingly overnight! you love watching faces, making eye contact, cracking yourself up, "talking" in your own language, and "standing up" on our laps while we hold your fingers and have recently started grabbing at things (albeit indiscriminently) and trying to scoot around on your belly. you are making it very hard to not be one of those braggy moms always talking about how advanced her baby is developmentally!
you and i are pretty inseparable, for better or worse. your grandparents say, "put him down for a second!" your daddy says, "let me see the baby!" and i just keep lugging you around from room to room in your car seat, in my arms, or strapped to my body with the sling or the bjorn. what can i say? i am thoroughly obsessed with you, little boy! you still sleep in our room (through the night no less!) though sooner or later we are going to get you in the forest themed nursery you've only seen when we change your diaper. all that coddling is not hurting your social side though. you are passed around between family and friends without a complaint or hint of fear, and you smile at strangers commenting on your friendliness or cuteness.
at your two month well-baby visit, you were 24" long and 12 lb 5 oz! i could have told you as much. it is crazy how much bigger and older you look each day! you are probably going to be out of your size one diapers soon enough, and are already wearing some 3-6 month clothes. even last month, you were long and spindly, but this month you have really filled out with chubby baby cheeks and chunky baby legs. (you also got your shots at this visit, which meant getting poked 3 times! awful for me and awful for you. later that night you screamed for hours until your little throat was raspy.)
it is such a wonder and a blessing to watch you grow every day. i never fully grasped what it was like to love someone this much, and it seems to amplify everyday. its crazy to think that at this time last year, we had no idea you would be coming into our lives. so much can change in an instant and i hardly recognize myself a few years back. you absolutely have changed who i am for the better and later on, i hope i can return the favor.

i love you,
your mama

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  1. Thanks for commenting! I had been wondering who in the world would be reading my blog from Ohio. Oliver is precious. Can't wait to read more about him!