one month old.

dear oliver fox,

somehow it was only one month, or somehow it was already one month, you were born. it has gone by so quick and i have loved every minute of staying home with you. your daddy says i am spoiling you by picking you up every time you make a peep, and carrying you around from room to room, and staring at you at all time, and cuddling you while you sleep all day. basically, i can't get enough of you and i won't mind one bit if you turn out to be a mama's boy.
everybody always thinks that their child is the best looking creature ever conceived, but daddy & i suspect that some parents just know their babies just aren't that cute. we, on the other hand, know it is true. you have fluffy brown hair and blue eyes like uncle alex when he was born and your daddy. you have long legs, feet, and toes and have a feeling you are going to be tall.you spend most of the time eating and sleeping, but the rest of your day consists of cracking us up with your animated faces and noises. your favorite right now seems to be poking your tongue in and out of your mouth and cooing. you look just like mama when you are crabby or about to cry. you make a crazed face and growling noise when you are just about to latch on--for all the trouble we had with nursing the first few days, you sure enjoy eating. you love grabbing onto fingers, and stretching, and kicking your legs like crazy. you could stay in the kitchen sink bath all night and going for a drive in the car always quiets you down.we are so so lucky that you are a part of our family and i love you so much more than i ever could have imagined. i can't wait to get to know you as your personality comes through, but have to remind myself not to wish this time away.


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