10 months boiled down to a few basic questions.

how far along? 41 weeks and 6 days. i was scheduled to be induced the morning of 3.26.10 but ended up going in to the hospital the night before. [well actually, just after midnight--we took notes from jim & pam of "the office" and went in just after midnight to eek another night's stay out of the insurance company.]
total weight gain: i lost 5-10 pounds in the first trimester because i was a little queasy, and then really made up for it in the second trimester [at one point gaining eleven pounds in 2 weeks], but in the end, it was alllllll water weight--my ankles were so swollen and i was retaining water like crazy. maybe 25-30 pounds all together. i've already lost it all, one of the perks of having a nearly ten pound baby!
blood pressure: my blood pressure was within the normal range for the most part. there was a reading or two that raised their eyebrows, and towards the end i had weekly non-stress tests, but everything ended up being just fine. with all the swelling and a higher reading, they were worried about a risk of pre-eclampsia, but again, a-okay.
baby's heartrate: usually around 140 bpm
symptoms: heartburn! you could hear me coming from a mile away because i always had a full-size bottle of tums rattling around in my purse. that, the swelling, and back pain were really the extent of any side-effects.
progress: i was dilated about 1 cm for 2 or 3 weeks. so frustrating to not be progressing, especially as my due date came and went.
sleep: the first and second trimester, i slept all the time. so exhausted all the time! i think i watched the first half of almost every movie that came out around that time because as soon as we turned out the lights, i passed right out. towards the end, i had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. i was often up at 4 or 5 in the morning for a few hours, washing dishes or making a shopping list or eating something before i fell back asleep. this was so hard, especially when i still had to work. plenty of times, i burst into tears when my alarm went off.
best moments: finally coming up with a name that we agreed upon, talking with my mom about pregnancy stuff, bargain shopping for baby clothes, russell cuddling around the baby bump, finally looking pregnant instead of just feeling pregnant, feeling him move around in my belly, experiencing everyone's generosity at his showers, finding forest-y stuff for olly's nursery, taking the last week of my pregnancy off--sleeping in and enjoying tom & i's last time together as a couple
movement: he was a maniac in there! olly was head-down for most of the pregnancy and had his feet lodged firmly up in my ribs, kicking away for months and months! i was so relieved when he finally dropped. he also had the hiccups all the time. according to all the baby books, they are not as annoying to babies as they are to adults. it was so funny, once my bump got very big, to watch him move around in there.
food cravings: not so many food cravings as there were aversions. nothing spicy--i actually made two batches of chili only to throw them out because the thought of eating chili made my stomach turn. usually i have a crazy sweet tooth, but i only had interest in salty things for the majority of the pregnancy. that is kind of why i thought we might be having a boy.
what i was looking forward to: no more people asking if i was having twins, no more people at work asking if i still had a baby in there, being more easily mobile, meeting olly and seeing what he looked like!

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